Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Summer Cave is an awesome Italian restaurant

The Summer Cave is an awesome Italian restaurant!!

Questo รจ veramente spettacolare or.. this is really, really stunning. A cozy natural limestone grotto in Southern Italy has been transformed into a jaw dropping restaurant called The Summer Cavewhich is probably one of the most awesome restaurants in the world right now. Located in Polignano A Mare, this restaurant is part of the Grotta Palasezze hotel and it’s open only during summer months. The restaurant is outfitted only with things made from natural materials to blend in with its unique surroundings and sits just below the hotel, offering breathtaking views to any guests that will eat here.
Apparently The Summer Cave has been already voted one of the most romantic restaurants in the world and, after looking at any of these photos, you’ll surely understand why. If I’ll ever have the chance to visit that part of Italy, I’ll definitely go here.

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