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15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

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6 Reasons to Kick Your Soda Habit

Do you spend most days with a can of soda by your side? You might want to break that habit. Turns out, all soda -- even diet -- is bad you, and new research suggests it's especially harmful to women. Here are six reasons to give up soft drinks for good.

1. Soda makes you fat. 

Both regular and diet soft drinks are tied to obesity. In one study, people who drank diet sodas had a 70% greater increase in waist circumference over a few years compared to those who skipped soft drinks.

Diet soft drinks are particularly insidious, says RealAge cofounder Michael F. Roizen, M.D. "Sweet diet soda fuels your desire for other sweets," he explains. It also has a "health halo" effect. "You view choosing a 'diet' drink as virtuous (all those calories saved!). So it feels like you can afford to reward that virtue with a hot fudge sundae."

2. Soda boosts your risk of serious disease. 
The extra belly fat that often comes with a soft drink habit is linked to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. A recent study in the Journal of Internal Medicine also tied a daily diet soda habit to a higher stroke risk.

3. Regular soft drinks may cause cancer. 

New research from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health finds drinking two or more regular soft drinks per week may almost double your risk of pancreatic cancer. Researchers speculate that the sugar overload from regular soda triggers insulin production that fuels cancer cell growth.

4. It's bad for your teeth. 

Yep, your mom was right about this one. And here again, even diet soda is bad news because sugar isn't the worst offender in soft drinks. The big culprit is soda's high acid content: phosphoric, malic, citric, and tartaric acid strip tooth enamel. Citrus-flavored soft drinks are the worst -- they dissolve enamel up to five times more than colas.
5. It's bad for your bones.

The same acids that are bad for your teeth also coax calcium from your bones. That goes for regular and diet caffeinated soda. Can't give up your Diet Coke? Roizen recommends upping your daily calcium tally by an extra 20 mg for every 12 ounces of soda you sip.

6. It's bad, even if you don't gain weight.

New research from the American Heart Association finds that women are more vulnerable than men to the harmful effects of drinking two or more sugar-sweetened drinks -- including soda -- per day. Soda-sipping women are likely to have a larger waist size, higher "bad" LDL cholesterol, higher levels of triglycerides (harmful fatty acids that can cause heart disease), higher blood sugar, and lower "good" HDL cholesterol -- even if they don't put on a pound.

Palm Trees `May Hold Key to Immortality`

The key to longevity may not lie in a miraculous essence of water, but rather in the structure and function of cells within a plant and not a special, mysterious, rare plant, but one that we may think of as being quite commonplace, even ordinary – the palm tree, according to researchers.

For centuries, humans have been exploring, researching, and, in some cases, discovering how to stave off life-threatening diseases, increase life spans, and obtain immortality.

Biologists, doctors, spiritual gurus, and even explorers have pursued these quests — one of the most well-known examples being the legendary search by Ponce de Leon for the “Fountain of Youth”.

P. Barry Tomlinson from The Kampong Garden of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Miami, teamed up with graduate student Brett Huggett from Harvard University to write a review paper exploring the idea that palms may be the longest-lived tree, and whether this might be due to genetic underpinnings.

Having retained his essay in his personal files, Tomlinson found that it provided an excellent literature background for working on the question of cell longevity in relation to palms.

A component of an organism’s life span that biologists have been particularly interested in is whether longevity is genetically determined and adaptive.

For botanists, discovering genetic links to increasing crop production and the reproductive lifespan of plants, especially long-lived ones such as trees, would be invaluable.

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Another Rape Near Delhi (Teenage girl blames landlord, mother for rape)

Barely three days after the gruesome gang rape of a Delhi girl outraged India, yet another case of rape has surfaced, where a teenage girl has alleged that she was repeatedly raped by her landlord in the presence of her mother.

In her complaint, the 17-year old girl from Faridabad has said that she was first raped by Ahmed Lekh, her landlord in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh early this year, when she had gone there to attend a wedding.

She added that she was raped several times and was threatened of dire consequences, if she revealed anything about the crime.

Lekh raped me and my mother is also involved. He and my mother were forcing me to do wrong things. They tied my hands and feet and then he forcefully raped me. It has been five to six months, since this has been taking place. They threatened me that if I reveal anything, then they would kill my father and other family members and told me they had made a CD of the video,” the rape victim told a reporter on Wednesday (December 19).

According to media reports, the victim's mother was into an illicit relationship with the landlord and she later revealed about the crime to her maternal uncle, after the duo began to harass her sister.

The victim's mother, Ruksana Parveen, refuted the allegations and added that her daughter and her husband's relatives were trying to tarnish her image.

“This is wrong, it is not right. These girls have been spoilt by their father, I was trying to guide them, but her father and other relatives have all spoilt them," she said.

The Faridabad police have registered a report in this connection, adding that the crime was first committed in Bijnor city of northern Uttar Pradesh state and their team would first investigate the matter.

“We heard their complaint in this case. She said that she was raped in Uttar Pradesh. They are going there for the investigation. We have registered a report in this case,” said Station Head Officer, Old Faridabad, Vijay Kumar.

Gender abuses are more common across India's conservative northern belt - which includes Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Bihar - largely due to a deep-rooted mindset that women are inferior and must be restricted to the role of homemakers.

Earlier, the gang rape of a medical student in a moving bus in New Delhi often referred to as the ''rape capital'', on Sunday night (December 16) sparked protests from all quarters of society.

The Delhi girl, who is on ventilator support, has severe genital, abdominal and head injuries and is battling for her life in a city hospital.

iPhone5 is a bestseller

 REUTERS - Apple Inc sold more than 2 million iPhone 5s in China in just three days after its launch there on Friday, its best ever smartphone launch in the country, but Apple shares fell on Monday after Citi downgraded the stock.
The highly anticipated release in China, Apple's second-biggest market, has not eased worries about stiffer competition in mobile devices that has driven a slide in the share price of the world's most valuable technology company.
Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said last week that Apple had started cutting orders to iPhone suppliers to balance excess inventory.
Sales of Inc's cheaper Kindle Fire tablets have also surged this year and rival Microsoft Corp recently forayed into the market with its Surface.
Apple shares have fallen on seven of the last 10 trading days, with several analysts cutting their price targets on the company's stock.
The shares were down 1.3 percent at $502.76 in early trading on the Nasdaq. The stock has shed nearly 13 percent of its value since the beginning of this month to Friday's close.
Citi Research downgraded Apple's stock on Sunday to "neutral" from "buy", and lowered its price target to $575 from $675, citing diminishing hype around the iPhone 5 and improving competition in smartphones.
But Topeka Capital Markets remained upbeat, suggesting Chinese iPhone owners would upgrade from iPhone 4 models.
"The strong iPhone 5 sales this weekend support our view," Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White said in a research note on Monday.
"The iPhone 5 is all about the status upgrade. A new form factor shows the world that you have the latest and greatest iPhone, a sign of status in China."
Apple's latest iPhone, sporting a larger 4-inch screen and 4G capability, made its global debut with a launch in the United States and 30 other countries in September, selling more than 5 million in its first three days on the market.
This is the first time Apple has announced China sales numbers for the iPhone and Chief Executive Tim Cook said that this was the best first weekend sales ever in China.
Analysts, however, say the company's longer-term outlook in the China market may hinge on expanding its partners in that country to include China Mobile Ltd , the country's top telecoms carrier.

Made in China ! Chinese Roadrail

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15 amazing facts about McDonald's

McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries.
Headquartered in the United States, the company began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald; in 1948 they reorganised their business as a hamburger stand using production line principles.
Let's take a look at 15 amazing facts about McDonald's.

McDonald's serves one per cent of the world's population every day.
McDonald's sells more than 75 hamburgers every second.
McDonald's' $24 billion in revenue makes it the 90th-largest economy in the world.
Counting $32 billion in revenue from franchise stores, McDonald's claims the 68th biggest economy, bigger than Ecuador.
McDonald's hires around one million workers in the US every year.
According to company estimates, one in every eight American workers has been employed by McDonald's.
McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys, with one included in 20 per cent of all sales.
McDonald's' iconic golden arches are recognised by more people than the cross.
The Queen of England owns a McDonald's near Buckingham Palace as part of her vast real estate portfolio.
For the next three years, McDonald's is going to open one restaurant every day in China.
McDonald's delivers - in 18 countries.
In some countries, McDonald's delivers - 24 hours.
The only place that is more than 100 miles from a McDonald's is a barren plain in South Dakota.
Americans alone consume one billion pounds of beef at McDonald's in a year - five and a half million head of cattle.
McDonald's sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken.

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Men Working Night Shifts Likelier To Develop Cancer

Source-ANI: Night work can increase the risk of a number of cancers in men, according to a new study.

It is one of the first studies in the world to provide evidence among men of a possible association between night work and the risk of prostate, colon, lung, bladder, rectal, and pancreatic cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The study was conducted by a research team from Centre INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier and Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal.

“Exposure to light at night can lead to a reduced production of the sleep hormone melatonin, inducing physiological changes that may provoke the development of tumours. This hormone, habitually released in the middle of the night in response to absence of light, plays a pivotal role in hormonal functions and in the immune system,” explained Professor Marie-Elise Parent of Centre INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier, the study’s lead investigator.

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How to Remove Your Double Chin in the Japanese Way

Interesting japanese gadget. Use it for 1-2 minutes every day and you will get rid of the double chin. Let's see how it works.

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Top 5 Criminal Masterminds

Osama Bin Laden

The founder of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden was the most sought-after man in the world, and for all the wrong reasons too! He had a bounty of $25 million on his head on account of terrorism, abduction, murder and all things evil! He was the mastermind behind every large-scale terrorist attacks the world over, and is now known as the father of the new-world terrorism. Blamed for the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks, Osama was a criminal mastermind in the purest form of the term!

Dawood Ibrahim

The head of the Indian crime syndicate D-Company, Dawood is a cult leader who has been immortalized in the form of innumerable movies in India. He is known to be the man behind the 1993 Mumbai bombing and riots, fast becoming the most wanted man in the world, and he's basically been on the run ever since. Currently based in the middle-east, Dawood runs his illegal business of money laundering, black money and terrorism with unbridled ease.

Joaquin Guzman

This Mexican is the world's biggest and most powerful drug-lord running an organization called the Sinaloa Cartel. He is the man solely responsible for all the meth and cocaine that's been smuggled into USA since 1993! This earned him the nickname of the 'Crystal King.'

He was caught, convicted, and jailed, yet he escaped from prison by bribing his way through the whole system, all the way across the border! As of today, he's worth $1 billion and the USA offers $5 million to anyone giving information leading to his capture.

Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano is to drug-trafficking as heroin is to junkies. Lucky is the man responsible for the trafficking of heroin to US from all over the world. And by world, we don't mean Mexico and South America, but Europe and Asia as well!

Founder member of the infamous Luciano family, Lucky amassed a colossal fortune with trafficking and later with gambling, bootlegging, hitmen, etc!

Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky, a close associate of Lucky Luciano, was the man behind the gambling empire that spanned from Saratoga, New York and Miami to Las Vegas! As if this expansive reach of his wasn't enough, his gambling supremacy stretched till Cuba as well. His influence amongst all the Mafias earned him a safe seat in the underbelly of the USA and he took undue advantage of it through and through! 

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Man of the Millennium

Mr.Kalayanasundaram worked as a Librarian for 30 years. Every month in his 30 year experience(service), he donated his entire salary to help the needy. He worked as a server in a hotel to meet his needs. He donated even his pension amount of about ten lakh rupees to the needy.

He is the first person in the world to spend the entire earnings for a social cause. In recognition to his service, United Nations Organisation adjudged him as one of the Outstanding People of the 20th Century.. An American organisation honored him with the ‘Man of the Millennium’ award. He received a sum of Rs 30 cores as part of this award which he distributed entirely for the needy as usual.

Moved by his passion to help others, Super Star Rajinikanth adopted him as his father. He still stays as a bachelor and dedicated his entire life for serving the society.

We all Indians should be PROUD. UNO has honored him but we Indians don't even know that such a personality exist amongst us.

At least have the courtesy to pass this on and on till the whole world comes to know about this Great Good Samaritan.

Man of the Millennium.....

Hat's off Kalayanasundaram.. We Indians are extremely proud of you and proudly say "THIS HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA"

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You shouldn’t wash chicken before cooking

Washing chicken puts you at a higher risk of getting food poisoning, spreads bacteria around the kitchen, a study has revealed. 

"Home cooks are probably following what their parents or grandparents did in the past by washing poultry, not to mention probably patting it dry with a tea towel," Food Safety Information Council Chairman, Dr Michael Eyles, said. 

"But washing poultry splashes these bacteria around the kitchen cross contaminating sinks, taps, your hands, utensils, chopping boards and foods that aren't going to be cooked like salads or desserts," he said. 

The Newspoll survey also found that the washing phenomenon isn't just restricted to chicken. 68 percent of respondents wash turkey and 74 percent wash duck before cooking, reported. 

Doctors believe this could be one of the reasons why notified cases of illness from Campylobacter and Salmonella - bacterias associated with food poisoning - have almost doubled over the last 20 years in Australia. 

But the zealousness of trying to rid chicken of bacteria isn't entirely unfounded. 

According to the survey, 84 per cent of raw chicken carcasses tested positive to Campylobacter, and 22 per cent to Salmonella. This is similar to the findings of other surveys overseas. 

However, all you really need to do to make sure you don't get sick from your chicken is cook it: "Cooking poultry right through kills these bacteria, making it safe," Dr Eyles insists. 

To reduce the risk of getting sick from poultry, one is advised to not wash raw poultry before cooking as this will spread any bacteria throughout your kitchen. Instead, mop up any excess moisture with a paper towel. 

Always wash and dry hands and clean surfaces after contact with raw poultry. 

Be careful not to let raw poultry juices contaminate other foods, especially things like desserts or salads, which won't be cooked again. 

You are also advised to use clean plates and utensils, and wash and dry thoroughly between using for raw and cooked poultry. 

Never place cooked food back on the same plate or cutting board that previously held raw poultry. 

Cook any poultry meat to 75°C and use a meat thermometer to check if juices run clear and are no longer pink rather than popping a piece in your mouth. 

Make sure frozen poultry is defrosted right through to the centre in the fridge or microwave in a sealed container before cooking.

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Shark Population Declining Due To Bad Media Coverage

Source-ANI: The media has been particularly harsh towards sharks and this is affecting their survival, a new study has revealed.

The results of a Michigan State University study reviewed worldwide media coverage of sharks – and the majority isn’t good.

Australian and US news articles were more likely to focus on negative reports featuring sharks and shark attacks rather than conservation efforts.

Allowing such articles to dominate the overall news coverage diverts attention from key issues, such as shark populations are declining worldwide and many species are facing extinction, Meredith Gore, MSU assistant professor of fisheries and wildlife and the School of Criminal Justice said.

“The most important aspect of this research is that risks from *– rather than to – sharks continue to dominate news coverage in large international media markets,” Gore, who is part of the research team led by Bret Muter, formerly at MSU and now with the Udall Foundation, said.

“To the extent that media reflect social opinion, this is problematic for shark conservation,” she added.

Trends that topped the world in 2012

According to research by social analysts McCrindle these were the top 12 trends of 2012. Find the list unremarkable? Blame yourself, says Mark McCrindle.
Pop-culture fads that once lasted years are now coming in and out of fashion in a matter of months, and sometimes weeks.

It's little surprise that the trending pop group of 2012 was not Spice Girls, but One Direction. And Book of the Year wasn't Scandalands, it was 50 Shade of Bored Mothers.

Social analyst Mark McCrindle said that if the list is unremarkable, it just means people can relate well to pop culture.

"It sort of validates what people know. People probably wouldn't have identified Korea as driving pop culture, or that it would be so influential," he told

"Korea now seems to be setting the agenda, from Psy and pop music to frozen yoghurt and Samsung," he said.

The list of trends that topped in 2012 are:
Pop group of the year: One Direction
Book of the year: 50 Shades of Grey
TV show of the year: The Voice
Subculture of the year: K-Pop
Technology trend of the year: From digital to real world
Social media site of the year: Instagram
Viral campaign of the year: Kony 2012
Meme of the year: Gangnam Style
Ingredient of the year: Quinoa
Shopping trend of the year: Online fashion
Fashion trend of the year: Colour Blocking
Word (or symbol) of the year: #.

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Armageddon is the strongest beer of the world

Armageddon is the strongest beer of the world

Armageddon is the strongest beer of the world.

It has 65 per cent alcohol which makes it 16 times more potent than a standard pub lager.

It is brewed in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

One bottle of Armageddon beer costs around $130.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Breast-cancer-fighting habits you should follow

Routine to save your life 

In the last week of Breast Cancer Awareness month, here's a plan to defy the odds with breast-cancer-fighting habits

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) says the incidence of breast Cancer has overtaken cervical cancer among Indian women, and it's possibly social taboo that prevents women from discussing the disease.

ICMR studies indicate that breast cancer cases have nearly doubled in the last 24 years. One in every 22 women is likely to suffer from it. In India, almost 80 per cent patients are in advanced stages when they come to hospitals. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has projected that India could see around 250,000 new cases by 2015.

While there is no fool-proof plan to protect you from breast cancer completely, lifestyle habits, say doctors, play a crucial part in increasing the risk.

Work out the waist

Experts say breast cancer and abdominal fat are linked. Body fat boosts estrogen storage, so the larger you are, the more circulating estrogen you'll store, and the more circulating harmful estrogen you'll have. But you don't have to be reed thin. Research shows that even losing as little as 5 per cent of your weight or more (in overweight women) can lower breast cancer risk by 25 per cent. Abdominal fat is especially dangerous. The easiest way to ditch a spare tire is to reduce your intake of stripped carbohydrates (white bread and rice, colas, pastries). Vigorous cardio exercises like jogging or speed-walking work best.

Have kids

Starting a family sooner can drastically lower your chances of breast cancer. Women whose first child comes before the age of 20 have half the risk of women who first conceive in their thirties. Having your first baby before the age of 30 also lowers your risk. Additional pregnancies decrease the incidence of breast cancer further.

Stock up on Vitamin D3

Lack of sunlight keeps us from manufacturing vitamin D3, an essential nutrient that may help prevent breast cancer. For breast cancer protection, the recommendation is to get your levels between 40 to 50 nanograms per milliliter. Ask your family doctor to check your vitamin D levels with a simple blood test, and take a vitamin D3 supplement if you are deficient.

Eat cruciferous veggies

What if you could counter cancer with spoon and fork? Doctors say that what's healthy for your heart is probably healthy for your breasts too. And so, high intake of sugars and red meat are associated with many kinds of cancers, including breast. Instead eat foods that are high in fibre (fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains). And ditch processed items and cured meat. Crucifers (broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower) have a special role to play in reducing breast cancer risk.

Don't stay up

Women who work the nightshift should read this. Several studies have linked overnight work to breast cancer, with an increased risk of 30 to 60 per cent. The additional exposure to light at nighttime decreases the total amount of the hormone melatonin in your body. This, in turn, appears to increase the production of estrogen. If you do work at nights, dim the lights, and get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Go for regular screenings

Even educated urban women in India aren't conducting monthly self-examination and going for yearly mammograms. Experts complain that Indian women seek treatment late — about 60 per cent of them are in stage three or four when they approach doctors. Although mammograms can't prevent cancer, they can reduce your risk of dying from it. Breast cancer is a treatable disease if caught early. It's good to be familiar with your own breasts. If you find something that wasn't there before, and it doesn't go away in a few weeks, have it checked.

Lower blood sugar

Keeping your blood sugar in check can help lower the risk of breast cancer (and type 2 diabetes). After adjusting for other factors, diabetes is associated with a nearly 40 per cent increased risk for breast cancer.

Limit X-rays

Unnecessary X-rays and CT scans, on account of exposure to radiation, can up the risk. The World Nuclear Association says 100 millisieverts (mSv) of radiation a year is the lowest level known to increase the risk of cancer. A single CT scan yields one-fifth of that, at 20 mSv. Other diagnostic tests that emit lesser amounts of ionizing radiation include X-rays, nuclear medicine tests and fluoroscopy. Always ask your doctor if a test is necessary, and check to see if alternatives like an MRI or ultrasound might work as well.

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A Statue of Angel with a Secret

A Statue of Angel with a Secret

This statue of an angel stood near a house door.
One day a dog broke its wings and the statue's owners discovered a creepy secret inside it.

Embarrassing pubic hair problem Trina Remedios, Health Me Up

If you opt for a quick shower, there are chances that you do not wash yourself thoroughly. 
Worse so, if your private parts are neglected. This gives rise to bacterial growth; some of these bacteria can cause discomfort. Today we are talking about one such bacterial growth: Trichomycosis axillaris.

What is trichomycosis axillaris?
Trichomycosis axillaris is a superficial bacterial colonization of the hair shafts in sweat gland-bearing areas, such as the armpits and the pubic area. (Via)

Basically, you will find white, orange, yellow substance over the hair, like a coating. But this is not a disease, there are no symptoms and it is curable. Trichomycosis axillaris is common with men than women.

Cause of Trichomycosis axillaris:
The bacterial growth is a result of sweat and moisture. Hence it is commonly found on your underarm hair and pubic hair. But since women shave these areas, trichomycosis axillaris is more common in men.

Treatment for Trichomycosis axillaris:
- Shaving that area.
- Washing the area with water and soap regularly.
- Powder can be applied to keep it dry.
- Antibiotic and gels are available.

Bottomline: Stay clean to avoid Trichomycosis axillaris. Besides, hygiene helps prevent other diseases as well.

How to get rid of dandruff

Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain tells you how to tackle this problem 

Dandruff is a common scalp condition. In its mild form, it consists of loose white flakes, which fall off and may be noticed on the shoulders and back. Sometimes, the flakes may be yellowish in colour. Even mild dandruff can be accompanied by itching. Sometimes, the scales, along with oily secretions, tend to adhere to the scalp, which people commonly refer to as "sticky dandruff." In winter, due to lack of moisture, the scalp may become dry and flaky. This kind of dandruff is the loose kind, which does not stick to the scalp. 

Hot oil therapy is a useful home treatment for the prevention and control of common dandruff. It also relieves dryness of the scalp and prevents clogging of the pores of the scalp. 

Heat olive oil and apply on the scalp with cotton wool. Rub gently to dislodge the flakes. Then dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap the towel around the head, like a turban. Keep it on for 5 minutes. Repeat the hot towel wrap 3 or 4 times. This helps the hair and scalp absorb the oil better. Leave the oil on overnight. The next morning, apply the juice of a lemon on the scalp and wash the hair after half an hour. This can be done once or twice a week. 

The hair should be washed at least three times a week, using less shampoo and rinsing well with water. Use a mild herbal shampoo. Half an hour before shampoo, apply two tablespoons vinegar on the scalp and massage it lightly into the scalp. After shampoo, add two tablespoons of the vinegar to a mug of water and use as a last rinse. 

For dandruff, add 5 drops of Rosemary essential oil to 50 ml rose water. Shake well and keep in a glass bottle with a tight fitting lid. Apply this on the scalp after shampoo, using cotton wool and leave it on. Essential oils should never be used by themselves. 

Fenugreek (Methi) seeds: Grind one tablespoon of methi seeds coarsely and soak in two cups of cool water. Leave it overnight. Strain and use the water as a last rinse. 

Neem leaves: Add two handfuls of neem leaves to four to five cups of hot water. Let it stand overnight. Next morning, strain the liquid and use it to rinse the hair. It relieves itching and keeps the scalp healthy and free from infections. It is useful in preventing dandruff. Make a paste of the soaked neem leaves and apply on the scalp, rinsing off with water after half an hour. 

Weekly henna treatments are very useful: They help to restore normal balance and prevent dandruff. They are helpful in general hair care too. Add 4 teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, 2 raw eggs, one teaspoon methi seed powder and enough tea water to the henna powder, mixing it into a thick paste. Make tea-water by boiling used tea leaves again in enough water, cooling and straining the liquid. Apply the henna on the hair and wash off after an hour. If you do not wish to use egg, add more tea water. This not only helps to remove dandruff, but conditions the hair, adding strength, body and shine to the hair. 

If its is a case of severe dandruff, combs, brushes, pillow covers and towels should be washed daily in hot soapy water, adding a few drops of an antiseptic solution. 

Include fresh fruits, raw salads and sprouts to your daily diet. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Add lemon juice to a glass of water and have it first thing in the morning. Some amount of daily exercise is also necessary. However, before adopting any diet or exercise programme, consult your doctor.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

China’s ‘Don’t Speak’ wins literature Nobel+EU wins 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

Stem cell experts win Nobel prize

Prof John Gurdon has been awarded the Nobel prize

Two pioneers of stem cell research have shared the Nobel prize for medicine or physiology.
John Gurdon from the UK and Shinya Yamanaka from Japan were awarded the prize for transforming specialised cells into stem cells, which can become any other type of cell in the body.
Prof Gurdon used a gut sample to clone frogs and Prof Yamanaka altered genes to reprogramme cells.
The Nobel committe said they had "revolutionised" science.

In 1962, John Gurdon took the genetic information from a cell in the intestines of a frog and placed it inside a frog egg, which developed into a normal tadpole.
Shinya Yamanaka showed that specialised mouse cells could be reprogrammed to become stem cells by intoducing four genes. The resulting stem cells could then be converted to other types of cell.
The Nobel committee said the discovery had "revolutionized our understanding of how cells and organisms develop".

Thursday, October 11, 2012

KFC outlet closed in Thiruvananthpuram after customer finds worm in chicken

KFC outlet closed down after customer finds worm in chickenThiruvananthpuram

The outlet of Kentucky Fired Chicken here has been closed down by the state Food Safety Authorities after a worm was found in a chicken dish bought by a customer from the multi-national restaurant chain, FSA sources said today

Action against KFC's eatery in the heart of the city followed a complaint lodged by the customer who found a dead worm in a dish of 'fiery chicken' he bought from the outlet yesterday, they said. 

Acting on the complaint, FSA officials searched the outlet and claimed to have come across stale items and immediately slapped a temporary closure notice, sources said. 

Though the restaurant staff sought to prevent the officials from conducting searches, they had their way. 

They took samples of various dishes served in the hotel for detailed examination and analysis. The complaint was made by Shaiju, an NRI, who had come to the busy eatery along with his wife, son and two relatives.

Shaiju was overcome by nausea and vomited as soon as he saw the dead worm in the chicken served to him. 

When he brought the matter to the staff's notice, they tried to dissuade him from making an outcry or complaint to the health authorities. 

However, he later contacted the FSA office and urged them to take action. 

FSA sources said the seized samples would be subjected to chemical analysis and further action would be taken based on the result. 

The eatery management has also been asked to give in writing their response to the notice, sources said.

Lakes of Ounianga in Sahara Desert

Lakes of Ounianga in Sahara Desert

The Lakes of Ounianga consist of 18 lakes located in the heart of the Sahara Desert, in an extremely arid region of northern Chad where the average yearly rainfall is no more than 2 mm.

They depend on an underground supply of ‘fossil’ water that fell on this area in ancient times when the Saharan climate was much wetter than it is today.