Wednesday, August 29, 2012

World's oldest living person turns 116

A woman, who holds the world record for being the oldest living person on the planet, celebrated her 116th birthday on Sunday in her home town of Monroe, Georgia.

According to the Guinness World Records’ website, Besse Cooper, was certified as the “world’s oldest person” in January 2011, but she had to relinquish the title for a few months when it was discovered that Maria Gomes Valentim was 48 days older.

However, Cooper was reinstated when Valentim died in June 2011; and Robert Young, senior consultant of gerontology for Guinness World Records, presented her with another plaque at her birthday party on Sunday, Fox News reported.

The website also said that a bridge on New Hope Church Road was dedicated in her honor.

Cooper, who was born in Tennessee, moved to Georgia during World War I to find employment as a teacher.

She currently has 12 grandchildren and more than a dozen great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Luther, her husband, died in 1963.

Cooper told Guinness World Records that the secret to her long life was abstinence from junk food and “I mind my own business.”

Monday, August 27, 2012

Man with the world's lowest voice

The man who holds the record for the world's lowest voice can hit notes so low that only animals as massive as elephants are able to hear them.U.S. singer Tim Storms can reach notes as low as G-7 (0.189Hz). That's a remarkable 8 octaves below the lowest G on a piano. So low, in fact, that even Storms himself cannot hear it. 'I can feel them though,' he told CNN. 'I kind of hear them in my head as far as the sound my vocal chords are making but, as far as the frequencies, it's something more or less that I feel.'

As well as holding the record for the lowest note produced by a human, Storms also has the widest vocal range, with the incredible ability to hit notes across ten octaves.And he is threatening to break his own record there: his latest record for the lowest note, set in March, puts his range, unofficially, at 12 octaves, although that is yet to to certified by Guinness World Records. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised in Waterloo, Indiana, Storms's musical affinity appeared at a young age. Just four days after graduating from high school he began his career in Christian music and has since appeared in a number of singing groups.

It was after chance meeting with an ear, nose and throat specialist at one concert that Storms learned the biology behind his record breaking voice. 'He said that my vocal chords were about twice as long as normal - than he's used to seeing anyway - and the arytenoid muscles around my vocal chords, they had a lot more movement to them,' Storms recalled.Storms's incredible voice has propelled him to stardom, with accolades and awards accompanying an international singing career. 
Recently he was picked out by an international talent search for a ground breaking choral piece dubbed Tranquillity, which called for a singer to hit a low E, almost unprecedented even in classical music.His voice has also made him hot property in the Hollywood voice over business, where executives eagerly track down his basso rumblings to add drama to film trailers. Storms has held the record for the lowest voice for over ten years now, and he may well be on his way to breaking his record yet again. 'I just keep getting lower the older I get,' he told CNN.

Popular Food Myths Busted!

Myth #1: Drinking water in between your meals will mess up your digestion 
This one been passed down from generations. While drinking water will fill you up, it certainly will not damage your digestive process. Heck! It might even do your system a world of good. So keep that glass nearby and ensure you are drinking enough through the day.

Myth #2: Having fruits immediately after a meal is not good for you 
Surprise surprise! There is actually some truth to it. Experts say having fruits immediately after a meal may cause digestive problems like gas and acidity. Fruits also hamper with the digestion of certain nutrients which is why it's advisable to wait an hour before reaching for that fruit bowl after a heavy meal.

Myth #3: Papaya should be avoided during pregnancies 
This one is extremely common in India. While raw papaya or even a semi ripe one has been known to trigger uterine contractions, a completely ripe papaya is rich in vitamins and minerals which are actually beneficial for pregnant women. However, if you are pregnant, check with your doctor before including papaya in your diet.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Arctic sea ice set to hit record low

LONDON: Arctic sea ice is set to hit a record low by the end of the month, latest satellite data has shown. 

Scientists at the US National Snow and Ice Data Center said that the sea ice extent was tracking below the previous record low, set in 2007. 

The latest figures show that on August 13 ice extent was 483,000 sq km below the previous record low for the same date five years ago. 

The ice is expected to continue melting until mid-to late September, the 'BBC News' reported. 

Sea ice extent refers to a measurement of the area of Arctic Ocean that contains at least some sea ice. Areas with less that 15 per cent is considered by scientists to mark the ice edge. 

The centre said the average rate of ice loss since late June had been "rapid", with just over 100,000 sq km melting each day. 

They summary said the rate of loss doubled for a few days earlier this month during a major storm.

Prof Seymour Laxon, professor of climate physics at University College London, said that he was not surprised that 2012 was set to deliver a record minimum. 

"We got very close to a record minimum last year," Laxon told BBC News. 

"The fact that Cryosat showed thinner ice last winter, it is not surprising to me that it looks like we will have a record minimum this year," he said. 

"The previous [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] report (published in 2007) stated that the likely date for an ice-free Arctic in the summer and definitions for this vary a bit - was 2100," Laxon explained. 

Arctic sea ice plays a key role to help keep polar regions cool and helps control the global climate system. 

As the ice has a bright surface, it reflects about 80 per cent of the sunlight that hits it back into space.

Berry wines may help reduce blood sugar

Washington: University of Illinois scientists have found compounds in Illinois blueberry and blackberry wines that inhibit enzymes responsible for carbohydrate absorption and assimilation.

The finding could provide a tasty way to help people with diabetes decrease their blood sugar.

“We’re thinking about a dealcoholized fermented fruit beverage that would optimize the inhibition of the alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase enzymes and also make use of the wines’ other healthful bioactive components,” said Elvira de Mejia, a U of I professor of food chemistry and food toxicology.

Graduate student Michelle Johnson evaluated the nutritional value of 19 Illinois wines, deciding on a blueberry-blackberry blend for maximum effectiveness.

In the in vitro study, the scientists compared the anti-carb effects of the alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase enzymes with acarbose, an anti-diabetes drug. The carb-degrading enzymes were inhibited in a range of 91.8 percent for alpha-amylase compared to acarbose and 103.2 percent for alpha-glucosidase compared to acarbose, de Mejia said.

The study is the first to assess the effect of berry fermentation at different temperatures on these carb-inhibiting enzymes. At both room and cold (4 degree C) temperatures, berry wine retained the ability to degrade the enzymes, she said.

In a second study, Johnson quantified the antioxidant, polyphenol, and anthocyanin content of blueberry and blackberry wines. Her proposed blend contains an abundance of these bioactive compounds, which add to its healthful properties.

The researchers are particularly interested in the ability of anthocyanins to reduce inflammation, which contributes to the development of many chronic illnesses, including cancer, metabolic disease, and cardiovascular disease. To that end, they are experimenting with the berries’ effects on inflammatory cells, and they have found that anthocyanins reduce markers associated with the inflammatory response.

“Preliminary studies have indicated that anthocyanins may have a positive effect on cognition and overall brain health while protecting against some of the effects of aging, such as Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. These berries have some very intriguing components,” de Mejia said.

A food chemist, de Mejia would like to remove the alcohol from the wines, leaving the carb-degrading enzyme compounds, the inflammation-fighting anthocyanins, and other beneficial bioactive components in a functional and flavourful drink for diabetics and others.

The bioactive ingredients could also be added to any prepared beverage to give it colour, flavour, and nutritional punch, making them useful to the food industry, she said.

Monday, August 13, 2012

World's Most Dangerous Drinks

Absinthe – Many geniuses throughout history have attested to the potency of Absinthe. The preferred drink of everyone from Oscar Wilde to Marilyn Manson, this is the ideal fuel for your soul if you don’t mind a drink with over 60% alcohol gushing through your veins as you are elevated to a state of trance. Alas, the days when wormwood was used to make the drink are long gone, so there’s no risk of brain-burrowing parasites anymore. But if you drink this stuff in Europe, it still has the hallucinogenic thujone in it, which isn’t the case in Indi, where only trace amounts of the LSD-like substance are allowed.
Jägermeister – With 35% alcohol content, this German libation might not seem so dangerous after all. But, a Jägerbomb, which is basically a shot of Jägermeister dropped in a glass of Red Bull, can make the most tightly wound people lose all inhibitions. No wonder it is the ultimate seduction tool for horny frat boys in the US. Why is this dangerous? Well, no one really knows what goes into Jager. We’ve heard everything from exotic herbs, deer’s blood, and monkey bones.
Bacardi 151 – This over-proof rum has 75.5% alcohol. It is used to make bizarre shots like Flaming B-52s, which involve literally setting the surface of the drink on fire before guzzling it with a straw! Keep this stuff far away from open flames--a little too much heat and it’ll go up like a Diwali cracker, and take your head off with it. 
Everclear – It contains anywhere between 40% to 95% alcohol. In it’s purest form, it is an extremely potent, flammable and badass shot of anything you’ll ever have. It’s doesn’t come as a surprise then that it is illegal in most places and very hard to procure. A few shots of this and you’re heading for the emergency room, a stomach pump, and possibly alcohol poisoning!
Devil Springs Vodka – This American vodka contains a whopping 80% alcohol and is nothing like anything you’ve had before. This drink can get you hammered in no time. That number may not seem like a lot, but bear in mind that beer and liquor seldom have more than 20% alcohol by volume.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

To fund older son's treatment, mother sold newborn

Jaipur: A woman and her husband from Rajasthan were arrested on Thursday for "selling" their eight-day-old child to their neighbour for Rs. 40,000. They claim they needed the money for their two-year-old paralytic son's treatment. They are now out on bail.

Sandhya Devi, a resident of Sriganganagar, was pregnant when she was told by doctors in Udaipur that her elder son's treatment would cost Rs.40,000. Worried that she would not be able to gather that amount, she returned to her town, where a neighbour offered to help. But there was a catch. The neighbour said she would give her the money in exchange for her newborn, but only if she gave birth to a boy.

A couple of days later, when Sandhya Devi delivered a baby boy, the neighbour gave her Rs.20,000.

The couple claims poverty forced them to give their child away for adoption. "My elder child was sick so I had to give the newborn for adoption for Rs. 40,000. But I only got Rs. 20,000. The rest was sabotaged by that woman who was the middleman. Her name is Madhu, she is a midwife. She told me to take Rs. 20,000 for the time being and asked me to collect the rest from her home later. When I went to take the money, I did not get that," said Ashok Kumar, Sandhya Devi's husband. He works as a part-time salesman in Sriganganagar. The couple lives in a rented, one-room accommodation.

A team of the anti-human trafficking branch of Rajasthan Police got a tip-off about the illegal deal to sell the baby after which an investigation was launched.

"This baby was born in Bahl Hospital. He was given for adoption in return of money. An adoption can only be undertaken through the District Child Protection committee. Besides, no money or gifts can be exchanged in adoption cases," said a police officer who investigated the case.

A First Information Report was registered against Sandhya, her husband Ashok, neighbour Vinod Agarwal, his wife Shakuntala Devi and some officials who did the paperwork for the adoption on Wednesday evening. Five of them including Sandhya Devi and her husband were arrested on Thursday, but they were later released on bail. Their newborn child is now back with the couple.

New Google Office in London

New Google office is located in Covent Garden, London 

It has 160,000 sq. ft. (15,000 m2) of space, a gym, a massage parlor, a dance studio and a secret garden on a rooftop with stunning views on London’s skyline.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Conrad resort in Bali is Heaven on Earth!

London Olympics 2012: Condom wars break out in Olympic village

London: At the Olympics, where Durex has been assigned with the responsibility of supplying condoms to athletes for greater protection, organisers failed to prevent pranksters from bringing their own ‘Australian’ prophylactics.

Durex has signed an exclusivity deal with LOCOG to provide condoms to the athletes.

However, pranksters brought bringing in a bucket full of ‘Australian’ prophylactics labelled “Kangaroos condoms, for the gland downunder,” with a picture of a boxing kangaroo.

LOCOG provided a record 150,000 anticipating a far busier fortnight than in Sydney 12 years ago, when 20,000 extra were provided when the initial supply of 70,000 ran out.

“We will look into this and ask that they are not handed out to other athletes because Durex are our supplier,” the Daily Express quoted a spokesman as saying.

How Do Touchscreens Work?

It depends on the device and the type of touchscreen you’re using. There are two different kinds used in most consumer electronics:
Resistive touchscreens – which are used on some Samsung, HTC and LG phones, and are typical of ATMs, supermarket checkout stations and the electronic signature doodad the UPS guy carries – have a glass panel that’s covered with conductive and resistive metallic layers. These two layers are held apart by spacers, and an electrical current runs through them when the screen is operational. When a user touches the screen, the two layers make contact in that spot. The change in the electrical field is noted and the device coordinates the point of contact so a device driver can translate user touches and movements into something that the OS can understand.

Capacitive touchscreens – used on the iPhone, Droid Eris and Blackberry Storm, among other smartphones – have a glass screen covered by a transparent conductor layer that stores an electrical charge. When a user touches a finger (which is also conductive) to the screen, the electrical field distorts and the device uses that to figure out where the screen was touched and relays the info to the driver.

The big drawback of capacitative screens is that they don’t work well, or at all, when the user’s fingers are covered by electrically insulating material, like gloves. If the choice between cold hands and using your phone is a hard one, you can get around the issue by buying gloves that have conductive threads woven into the fingertips, or by making your own.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Russia Launches Cargo Spaceship

Source-IANS: A Russian cargo ship blasted off to the International Space Station (ISS) Wednesday night, the country's Roscosmos space agency said.

The Soyuz-U rocket, carrying Progress M-16M cargo ship, was launched at 11.35 p.m. from Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan, Xinhua reported. The unmanned spacecraft was scheduled to dock with the ISS at 5.24 a.m. Thursday. It will deliver about 2,600 tonnes of supplies, including scientific equipment, medicine, food and water.

Progress freighters have been the backbone of the Russian space cargo fleet for decades.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Foods To Spice Up Your SEX Life

When things become a little blue in the bedroom, most people resort to cosmetic fixes and miracle pills, being sorely oblivious to Nature’s bounty overflowing with natural cures for low libido. The following listed foods will help you rule the bedroom, in every possible way.

1. Pumpkin Seeds 
Do you hate pumpkins? If you do, then you will have to find a way to love the little mean seeds insides, because they are essential to unleash your inner beast in the boudoir. Insanely replete with zinc and essential oils, these seeds are your one-way ticket to a raging sex life. The nutrients contained within, aid in boosting testosterone and sperm production, blowing your libido to orgasmic heights.

2. Oysters
If you think that oysters are good for holding pearls alone, these little wonders will come back to surprise you. Oysters are nature’s own version of Viagra. Loaded with zinc, omega-3 oils and monounsaturated fats, they aid in the sexual experience. Also, nothing adds more fireworks to sex than the intimate act of eating oysters with your partner. Kinky and nutritional! 

3. Goji Berries
Don’t let these sweet little nubs fool you into believing that they are apparently worth nothing. Goji berries pack enough vitamins to have you kicking in the sack for an eternity. Not only do they boost testosterone production but also aid in delaying the climax, so that the fun need not end soon. Equipped with nutrients to stabilise mood and stamina, Goji Berries are extremely important for your sex life.

4. Bananas
The banana has been long mocked for its penile shape. The fact that it delivers much more than it looks is under-appreciated by most. The abundance of Vitamin B6 aids in balancing hormones and imitating the effect of serotonin secretion. Serotonin is responsible for the euphoric satisfaction after sex. The sugar content is a careful balance of complex and simple sugars that provide you with enough energy to last all night.

5. Celery
The weak and watery stalks offer much more than their looks, when it comes to boosting up one’s libido. The essential component in celery boosts the androsterone levels in male perspiration. This aid in the production of an aphrodisiacal pheromone that is responsible for making men seem irresistible to women.

6. Dark Chocolate
When women obsess over how chocolates are the next best thing to sex, they do not mean it lightly. One bite of dark chocolate releases enough endorphins to mirror an orgasm. A regular intake helps keep libidos high, so that lovemaking never gets tiresome.

7. Chillies
What better substance to ignite heated passions than the fiery chilli? Capsaicin, the active component contributing to the heat factor in chillies, is responsible for releasing the endorphins that spark sexual desire and aid in a fiery sexual chemistry.

Naked cyclists protest in Mexico

Naked cyclists protest in Mexico

Naked cyclists take part in the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) to protest against cars, gas emissions from cars and agressive drivers, in Guadalajara, Mexico on June 9, 2012