Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taj Mahal Detailed Matchsticks Model...Incredible Art!

Indian artist Shaikh Salimbhai challenged himself to create an almost identical model of the iconic structure using only wooden matchsticks, and although it took him a year and 19 days to finish it, he accomplished his goal. The wooden model was made from 75,000 matchsticks and will certainly become an inspiration for matchstick artists around the world..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cat With Two-Headed

An amazing cat in Massachusetts has two mouths, two noses and three eyes on its face. The probability of such mutation is only one in a million. With the good care of the owner, the cat’s vitality is extremely tenacious, and now, it’s celebrating its 12-year-old’s birthday, not only being a TV star, recently but also was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records

Monday, October 24, 2011

World's 10 most famous hackers

While ethical hackers attack a security system to find out vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could use to his advantage, unethical hackers discreetly wreck havoc on computer systems and steal confidential information.
In the 1970s, the United States government used groups of experts called red teams to hack its own computer systems.
Today, many companies hire ethical hackers to safeguard their vital computer systems.
Here's a look at the world's most famous hackers...
1. Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon, a Scottish systems administrator has been accused of the biggest military computer hacking exercise of all times by the US government.
McKinnon is also accused of copying data, account files and passwords into his own computer.
US authorities pegged the cost of tracking and rectifying the problems caused by his hacking at over $700,000.
  2. Robert Tappan Morris
Robert Tappan Morris is an American computer scientist, known for creating the first computer worm on the Internet called the Morris Worm in 1988.
He became the first person convicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
He is a professor in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
3. Kevin David Mitnick
Kevin David Mitnick is a computer security consultant, author, and hacker. In the late 20th century, he was convicted of various computer-related crimes.
When he was 12 years old, Mitnick used social engineering to bypass the punchcard system used in the Los Angeles bus system.
 4. Kevin Poulson
Kevin Lee Poulsen, a former black hat cracker, works as senior editor at Wired News.
He is well known for hacking all the telephone lines for Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM, to make sure that he would be the 102nd caller and win the prize of a Porsche 944 S2.
5. Jonathan James
Jonathan Joseph James who passed away in May 2008, was an American hacker.
He was the first juvenile to be imprisoned for cybercrime in the United States. He died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
 6. Adrian Lamo
Adrian Lamo a threat analyst gained popularity by hacking into several high-profile computer networks, including those of The New York Times, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. He was arrested in 2003.

 7. Vladimir Levin
Vladimir Levin, a businessman is known for his involvement in attempting to fraudulently transfer $10.7 million via Citibank's computers.
Currently, he does business in Lithuania.
 8. Raphael Gray
Raphael Gray was just 19 when he hacked computer systems around the world in 1999 as part of a multi-million pound credit card mission.
He published credit card details of over 6,500 cards to point out the weak security in consumer web sites.
 9. Deceptive Duo
A 20-year-old man from California was suspected of being a hacker and called himself, 'the Deceptive Duo'.
He faces several charges on hacking into government computers and defacing government websites.
In April 2002, the Deceptive Duo claimed to be a hacking group working to expose the lack of security within the US government's networks and other private-sector computer systems.
 10. Michael Calce
Also known as MafiaBoy, Michael Calce, a high school student from West Island, Quebec launched a series of highly publicised denial-of-service attacks in February 2000 against large commercial websites including Yahoo!,, Dell, Inc, eBay, and CNN.


World's Most Expensive Kitchen Costs Rs 2 Crore

While some would say you can get an entire kitchen in a few lakhs, the Colosseo Oro, designed by Marazzi Design, a London-based kitchen designer costs as much as a small house in Mumbai.

At £300,000 (approx Rs 2 crore), this kitchen has come to be known as the world's most expensive. Unveiled at a recent design trade show in London, the Colosseo Oreo is limited edition. If you're one of the lucky few to make the purchase, you will be one of the only 10 people in the world to own it.

Cook in Luxury

Why the high price? This kitchen presents you with ultra luxury finishes. Detailing like 24k gold leafing, crocodile embossed leather, metallic gloss Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances and Venetian ink-stained gold glass are just the beginning. The cabinets and surfaces have been finished with 12 coats of clear laquer applied by hand and finished with glitter. And that is still not all, the lights are made of none other than Swarovski crystal.

The bill for all the appliances in this kitchen is an incredible £55,000 (approx Rs 42 lakh). The mirrored steel max-fired oven hood costs £8,000 (approx Rs 6 lakh) and the Zaha Hadid designer tap costs £6,000 (approx Rs 4 lakh).

And this kitchen isn't for just anyone. The target group is said to be high end social food lovers who like to entertain while making a statement.

Indian Girl Cries Tears of Blood

In a weird and very unusual twist of medical fate, Rashida Khatoon, a young girl from northeast India cries tears of blood instead of water.
 She and her unusual medical condition have been transformed into a holy shrine where worshipers come to watch in awe as blood drips from her eyelids several times a day.

Doctors in the region of Patna, northeast India, have no medical explanation as to the cause of this most unusual anomaly, but local Hindu holy men have declared Rashida a miracle. Followers bow in deference as they stand before her, showering her family with holy offerings.

“I do not feel any pain when it happens, but it’s a shock to see blood instead of water,” said Rashida of her most unusual situation.
What could be the cause of this weird occurrence? Some have suggested a brain tumor or malfunctioning of tear ducts, but there is no medical evidence to support that. No one in authority in fact, seems to know or will even venture a guess, which is even more disconcerting than to watch the phenomenon, which occurs every few hours.

Could Rashida be suffering from a case of a rare phenomenon known as Haemolacria? Little is known about this medical condition other than the fact that it occurs when a person produces tears, which are partially composed of blood. This can manifest as anything from red-tinged tears to those, which appear to be entirely blood.
Bleeding from the eyes is most certainly weird and creepy. It may be the result of a very rare medical condition, but whatever it is, it is not likely to be a gift of any sort from the holier powers that be. If you think about it, how could bleeding from the eyes be a gift except from a very creepy donor?