Wednesday, September 5, 2012

E-cigarettes Can Damage Lungs Too

Source-ANI: Electronic cigarettes are being marketed as a potentially safer alternative to normal cigarettes, but new research has shown that they are still causing harm to the lungs.

Electronic cigarettes are devices that deliver nicotine through a vapour, rather than smoke. There is no combustion involved but the nicotine in the device is still derived from tobacco.

A recent research result conducted by University of Athens, Greece showed that for all people included in the study, the e-cigarette caused an immediate increase in airway resistance, lasting for 10 minutes. In healthy subjects (never smokers) there was a statistically significant increase in airway resistance from a mean average of 182 percent to 206 percent.


  1. Electronic cigarettes are marketed extensively in such a way that people are led to believe that these are 100% harmless. It's good to know that posts like these are online to help customers get information about it.

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