Thursday, September 6, 2012

Insane World Records-1

Longest Underwater Kiss
We thought we'd start off a little light seeing as to how this is actually cuter than it is insane. Still, it gets points in both the insanity and strangeness department for the sheer idea behind it. Anyway, enough rambling and down to the facts.

Italian free divers Mike Maric and Ilaria Bonin kissed underwater for a whole three minutes and eight seconds in an attempt to set a world record for the same. They conducted their rather watery but romantic quest in an oceanic tank at the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium in Castelnuovo del Garda, Northern Italy.

Largest Gathering Of People Dressed As Mahatma Gandhi
This is the second Indian record on this list! Four hundred and eighty-five children took part in this peace march which required them to dress up as Mahatma Gandhi in an attempt to create a record for the largest gathering of people dressed up like the Father of Our Nation. 

They were children of the Training Resource and Care For Kids, a charity for single mothers and children living without support at railway stations. Well, even if the record is a bit strange, it's nice to know their heart was in the right place at least!

Largest Gathering Of People Throwing Chef Hats
On January 9th of this year, it seems the people of Brussels decided there weren't too many records that hadn't been broken and hence came up with this idea. 617 participants threw their chef hats into the air and successfully broke the record too according to organizers. Though considering there never was a record for this in the first place, we're not really sure saying it was 'broken' is apt.

Most Number Of Spoons On Human Body
Meet Etibar Elchiyev of Tbilisi. He is after all a Guiness World Record Holder and the title is pretty self-explanatory in that part. The picture above depicts him posing with 50 silver spoons magnetized to his body and with that, a fresh record was set.

Heaviest Plane Pulled By People In Wheel Chairs
This may not be the first method to come to mind when you're thinking of how to move a C130 Cargo aircraft that weighs 67 tons across 100 metres of an airport stretch but it definitely works! It all went down at the Melsbroek military airport near Brussels when 84 people in wheelchairs set this new Guiness World Record for heaviest plane pulled over 100 metros by a swarm of people in wheelchairs!

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