Friday, May 25, 2012

World's smallest artificial heart

Italian doctors have saved the life of a 16-month-old boy by implanting the world's smallest artificial heart to keep the infant alive until a donor was found for a transplant.The doctors at Rome's Bambino Gesu hospital said the operation was carried out last month and made public this week. The baby, whose identity has not been disclosed, was kept alive for 13 days before the transplant and is now doing well.The baby was suffering from dilated myocardiopathy, a heart muscle disease which normally causes stretched or enlarged fibers of the heart. The disease gradually makes the heart weaker, stopping its ability to pump blood effectively."This is a milestone," surgeon Antonio Amodeo told Reuters television, adding that while the device was now used as bridge leading to a transplant, in the future it could be permanent.The tiny titanium pump weighs only 11 grams and can handle a blood flow of 1.5 liters a minute. An artificial heart for adults weighs 900 grams.The hospital needed special permission from Jarvik and the Italian health ministry before going ahead with the procedure
Italian heart surgeon Antonio Amodeo and his team implant a tiny titanium pump, the world's smallest artificial heart, in a baby, at the Bambino Gesu' Hospital in Rome

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Would you buy an Apple iCar?

An Apple board member has revealed that Steve Jobs had dreamed of creating an iCar before his sad demise in October last year after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer.Speaking at a Fast Company conference, Mickey Drexler stated that the car industry is a tragedy in America and Steve's dream was to design an iCar which would give the automotive industry the shake-up it required.Italy based auto designer Liviu Tudoran has taken cues from the Apple products and designed a concept car called iMove for the year 2020.

An Apple board member has revealed that Steve Jobs had dreamed of creating an iCar before his sad demise in October last year after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer.Speaking at a Fast Company conference, Mickey Drexler stated that the car industry is a tragedy in America and Steve's dream was to design an iCar which would give the automotive industry the shake-up it required.

Yuree breaks world record!

Internationally acclaimed Bangladesh’s only Grandmaster of Martial Arts and security management expert.

Yuree known as the Thunder-Shin Man, stunned the thousands of spectators and has taken the Martial Arts world by storm by setting a new World Record, breaking a bundle of three Baseball bats together with astonishing shin-kick at the world’s biggest Martial Arts Spectacular, took place on Saturday 7th May, 2011 at National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, Great Britain. It may be mentioned that Dr Yuree is the first Bangladeshi and Bangali to set world record in Martial Arts category amongst the two hundred thousand people of the whole SAARC countries in such strength and skill section. In presence of a huge crowd and officials of The Martial Arts Show, at National Exhibition Center Birmingham, Steve Buttler, Adjudicator, RHR the World Records Registry handed over the trophy recognizing this distinguished Bangladeshi record holder. The British-Bangladeshi community was highly amused and the high commission of Bangladesh at London also extended support on the outstanding occasion as well. BBC-1, Channel-4 and SKY Sports, STV and Channel-i Europe covered the event. The Martial Arts Show, UK’s biggest and most high profile sport martial arts event at NEC featured Dr Yuree breaking three American Louisville Grand Slum Professional Baseball bats made of selected hard northern ash wood with 2.75 inches in diameter handle and eight (8) inches in diameter at the thickest part (barrel), weighing 33 ounces (1 kg) each. Wayne University America has carried out a research on breaking baseball bats and found out each standard bat requires seven hundred forty pounds of force to break. World’s leading Martial art Exponent, Hall of Famer Grand Master DrYuree (10 degree Black Belt) President ‘World Combat Self Defense Federation’ with a Legendary Lineage from Asia is famous as “The Thunder-Shin Man” for his unique shin kick prowess. Earlier in 2009 World Martial Arts Grand Masters Council, USA recognised Dr. MAK Yuree with their premiere award ‘Grand Master’s Pinnacle Award’.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thai police arrest man with suitcase full of gold plated babies

A British man was arrested today with a suitcase full of dead babies thought to have been used in a black magic rituals in Thailand.
Chow Hok Kuen, 28, a British citizen born in Hong Kong of Taiwanese parents, was arrested in Bangkok's Chinatown and was being held for possession of human remains, police said.
It is thought he was trying to smuggle the corpses into Taiwan.
Human remains: Two of the six foetuses wrapped in gold leaf which were seized by police in Bangkok, Thailand. A British man has been arrested
'The bodies are of children between the ages of two and seven months. Some were found covered in gold leaf,' Wiwat Kumchumnan, sub-division chief of the police's Children and Women Protection unit, said.
It was not clear where the bodies came from.
Police said the corpses had a number of religious threads and tattoos on them.
In Thailand there is a grisly ritual known as 'Kuman Thong', where dead babies are surgically removed from their mother's womb and undergo a ceremonial ritual.
But instead of burying them, they are roasted dry and covered with a lacquer before being painted with gold leaf.
Grim haul: The remains of six foetuses which are believed to be destined for Taiwan. They were bought for £4,000 and could have been sold for six times that
Grim: The corpses had a number of religious threads on them and they are thought to have undergone a black magic ritual

Kuen was staying at a hotel in Khao San Road, in Bangkok's backpacker area, but the bodies were found in a separate hotel.
Police had received a tip-off that infant corpses were being offered to wealthy clients through a website advertising black magic services.
The corpses were bought from a Taiwanese national for 200,000 baht (£4,000) and could have been sold for six times that amount in Taiwan, police said.
Macabre: Thai police show the human remains at a news conference after British citizen Chow Hok Kuen was arrested
Black magic rituals are still practised in Thailand, where street-side fortune tellers offer ceremonies to reverse bad luck.
Kuen faces one year in prison and a 2,000 baht fine (£40) if he is found guilty.
A spokesperson for the Foreign Office confirmed they were looking into the incident.
'We can confirm the arrest of a British national in Bangkok on 18 May,' he said.
'We stand ready to provide consular assistance.'

German Couple Sex Romp on The Road !!{18++}

THIS is the shocking scene that greeted drivers in Germany as a brazen couple romped in the middle of a busy road.

The daring duo are being hunted after a motorist passed on the saucy snap to cops.

A police spokesman said: "We want to find this couple because such behaviour is not permissible."

The open air sex session took place on Sunday in the industrial city of Krefeld, West Germany.

Motorists said the cheeky pair were at it for at least ten minutes.

A local cab driver said: "I nearly crashed my cab, it's not something you see every day in the middle of the road."

Lankan woman bites off husband’s organ: doctor !!!!

Fight with his wife turns violent 

COLOMBO, May 18, (AFP): A 30-year-old Sri Lankan man is to undergo surgery after his wife bit off his penis during a row on Friday, a doctor said.

The man identified as Chandana Pradeep was rushed to a rural hospital in Andapana, 180 kms (110 miles) south of Colombo, after the fight with his wife turned violent. “About three-quarters of the penis had been bitten off,” a doctor told AFP, asking not to be named.

“We stopped the bleeding and sent him to a urologist at Karapitiya (a bigger town nearby) to see if the severed part can be re-attached.”

The incident has echoes of the 1993 case of American John Bobbit, whose wife Lorena famously cut off his penis with a kitchen knife. She claimed she had suffered from years of physical and mental abuse.

A police official in the southern town of Hakmana said Pradeep and his wife argued after she refused to give him money for alcohol.

“We know the incident, but we have not received a formal complaint,” the officer told AFP.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

'Paa' child star dies in Nepal air crash

Mumbai, May 15 (IANS) Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has expressed shock over the death of child artist Taruni Sachdev, who played his school friend in "Paa", in Monday's plane crash in Nepal. "Just reading that Taruni Sachdev the girl child artist in 'Paa', has perished in Nepal plane crash .. please god may this not be true," Amitabh posted on his Twitter page.
At 14, Turni had already featured in almost 50 ads and did a cameo in "Paa". She was among 13 Indians who were killed when the aircraft crashed into a hill while coming in to land at Jomsom in western Nepal.
Amitabh, 69, has memories of Jomsom. "Jomsom, where the plane crash in Nepal took place is where we shot 'Khuda Gawah', a raw airfield and most difficult to land on," posted Big B.
Abhishek Bachchan was equally saddened
"SHOCKED and very saddened to hear about the Nepal plane crash. Lost one of my cutest co-stars. Little Taruni Sachdev from PAA. Speechless," Abhishek tweeted.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The most dangerous drug in the world

A hazardous drug that eliminates free will and can wipe the memory of its victims is currently being dealt on the streets of Colombia.
The drug is called scopolamine, but is colloquially known as ‘The Devil’s Breath,' and is derived from a particular type of tree common to South America.
Stories surrounding the drug are the stuff of urban legends, with some telling horror stories of how people were raped, forced to empty their bank accounts, and even coerced into giving up an organ
Danger: 'The Devil's Breath' is such a powerful drug that it can remove the capacity for free will

Deadly drug: Scopolamine is made from the Borrachero tree, which blooms with deceptively beautiful white and yellow flowers
VICEs Ryan Duffy travelled to the country to find out more about the powerful drug. In two segments, he revealed the shocking culture of another Colombian drug world, interviewing those who deal the drug and those who have fallen victim to it.
Demencia Black, a drug dealer in the capital of Bogota, said the drug is frightening for the simplicity in which it can be administered. 

He told Vice that Scopolamine can be blown in the face of a passer-by on the street, and within minutes, that person is under the drug’s effect - scopolamine is odourless and tasteless.
‘You can guide them wherever you want,’ he explained. ‘It’s like they’re a child.’
Black said that one gram of Scopolamine is similar to a gram of cocaine, but later called it ‘worse than anthrax.’
In high doses, it is lethal.
It only takes a moment: One drug dealer in Bogota explained how victims are drugged within minutes of exposure

Victims: One Colombian woman said that under the influence of scopolamine, she led a man to her house and helped him ransack it
The drug, he said, turns people into complete zombies and blocks memories from forming. So even after the drug wears off, victims have no recollection as to what happened.
One victim told Vice that a man approached her on the street asking her for directions. Since it was close by, she helped take the man to his destination, and they drank juice together.
She took the man to her house and helped him gather all of her belongings, including her boyfriend’s cameras and savings.
‘It is painful to have lost money,’ the woman said,’ but I was actually quite lucky.’
According to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, the drug - also known as hyoscine - causes the same level of memory loss as diazepam.
In ancient times, the drug was given to the mistresses of dead Colombian leaders – they were told to enter their master’s grave, where they were buried alive.
Devil's Breath: The drug is odourless and tasteless and can simply be blown in the face of someone on the street; their free will vanishes after being exposed to it

Dangerous: Vice's Ryan Duffy traveled to the capital of Bogota to find out more about the drug
In modern times, the CIA used the drug as part of Cold War interrogations, with the hope of using it like a truth serum.
However, because of the drug’s chemical makeup, it also induces powerful hallucinations.
The tree common around Colombia, and is called the ‘borrachero’ tree – loosely translated as the 'get-you-drunk' tree.
It is said that Colombian mothers warn their children not to fall asleep under the tree, though the leafy green canopies and large yellow and white flowers seem appealing.
Experts are baffled as to why Colombia is riddled with scopolamine-related crimes, but wager much of it has to do with the country’s torn drug-culture past, and on-going civil war.

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