Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yuree breaks world record!

Internationally acclaimed Bangladesh’s only Grandmaster of Martial Arts and security management expert.

Yuree known as the Thunder-Shin Man, stunned the thousands of spectators and has taken the Martial Arts world by storm by setting a new World Record, breaking a bundle of three Baseball bats together with astonishing shin-kick at the world’s biggest Martial Arts Spectacular, took place on Saturday 7th May, 2011 at National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, Great Britain. It may be mentioned that Dr Yuree is the first Bangladeshi and Bangali to set world record in Martial Arts category amongst the two hundred thousand people of the whole SAARC countries in such strength and skill section. In presence of a huge crowd and officials of The Martial Arts Show, at National Exhibition Center Birmingham, Steve Buttler, Adjudicator, RHR the World Records Registry handed over the trophy recognizing this distinguished Bangladeshi record holder. The British-Bangladeshi community was highly amused and the high commission of Bangladesh at London also extended support on the outstanding occasion as well. BBC-1, Channel-4 and SKY Sports, STV and Channel-i Europe covered the event. The Martial Arts Show, UK’s biggest and most high profile sport martial arts event at NEC featured Dr Yuree breaking three American Louisville Grand Slum Professional Baseball bats made of selected hard northern ash wood with 2.75 inches in diameter handle and eight (8) inches in diameter at the thickest part (barrel), weighing 33 ounces (1 kg) each. Wayne University America has carried out a research on breaking baseball bats and found out each standard bat requires seven hundred forty pounds of force to break. World’s leading Martial art Exponent, Hall of Famer Grand Master DrYuree (10 degree Black Belt) President ‘World Combat Self Defense Federation’ with a Legendary Lineage from Asia is famous as “The Thunder-Shin Man” for his unique shin kick prowess. Earlier in 2009 World Martial Arts Grand Masters Council, USA recognised Dr. MAK Yuree with their premiere award ‘Grand Master’s Pinnacle Award’.

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