Monday, August 13, 2012

World's Most Dangerous Drinks

Absinthe – Many geniuses throughout history have attested to the potency of Absinthe. The preferred drink of everyone from Oscar Wilde to Marilyn Manson, this is the ideal fuel for your soul if you don’t mind a drink with over 60% alcohol gushing through your veins as you are elevated to a state of trance. Alas, the days when wormwood was used to make the drink are long gone, so there’s no risk of brain-burrowing parasites anymore. But if you drink this stuff in Europe, it still has the hallucinogenic thujone in it, which isn’t the case in Indi, where only trace amounts of the LSD-like substance are allowed.
Jägermeister – With 35% alcohol content, this German libation might not seem so dangerous after all. But, a Jägerbomb, which is basically a shot of Jägermeister dropped in a glass of Red Bull, can make the most tightly wound people lose all inhibitions. No wonder it is the ultimate seduction tool for horny frat boys in the US. Why is this dangerous? Well, no one really knows what goes into Jager. We’ve heard everything from exotic herbs, deer’s blood, and monkey bones.
Bacardi 151 – This over-proof rum has 75.5% alcohol. It is used to make bizarre shots like Flaming B-52s, which involve literally setting the surface of the drink on fire before guzzling it with a straw! Keep this stuff far away from open flames--a little too much heat and it’ll go up like a Diwali cracker, and take your head off with it. 
Everclear – It contains anywhere between 40% to 95% alcohol. In it’s purest form, it is an extremely potent, flammable and badass shot of anything you’ll ever have. It’s doesn’t come as a surprise then that it is illegal in most places and very hard to procure. A few shots of this and you’re heading for the emergency room, a stomach pump, and possibly alcohol poisoning!
Devil Springs Vodka – This American vodka contains a whopping 80% alcohol and is nothing like anything you’ve had before. This drink can get you hammered in no time. That number may not seem like a lot, but bear in mind that beer and liquor seldom have more than 20% alcohol by volume.


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