Monday, April 30, 2012

This will shake your soul

This is Asma, a 14-yr old girl from Malvani, Malad, Mumbai..
She was kidnapped from her locality by 5 men living in the same locality
in the month of May 2011.She was in captivity in the same area.
A complaint was made to police but of no use.

This 14 yr old girl was raped innumerable times by those 5 men.
After 2-3 months they lost interest in her..
Now the question was "WHo WILL SPEND MONEY FOR HER FOOD ???"
They started putting it on each other.

Result : She was given 1 vada-pav in 4-5 days.

After 5 months, she was found in garden.She was a bag of bones when she was found.
When she was operated, doctors found pieces of paper,mud, soil,stones in her stomach.
According to doctors, because of hunger she ate up the paper in which the vada-pav was
given.Her situation was so bad, she ate up stones, dress, & soil....
The doctors were unable to explain her situation.
After suffering for more than 5 months,
she finally breathed her last on 14 Nov 2011 (Children's Day).

You might have heard many stories wherein people are slaughtered & raped...
But imagine a 14 yr old girl being raped innumerable times &
she died every moment for more than 150 days...EVERY MOMENT......

We cant even imagine it.........
This is one of the most horrific incidents that has happend to any human.
You won't see this news on any television, may be because of political pressure it is being suppressed.

I would like to make two requests with this:

1. The 5 men who are absconding now, should be caught & punished severely.

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