Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Schoolboy jailed for masterminding £18m internet scam

A public schoolboy Set up 'Crimebook' social networking site for crooks and masterminded an £18million banking scam and boasted he was a 'legendary' fraudster was jailed for five years.

Nick Webber, 19, built an internet empire using IT skills honed at exclusive boarding school Bradfield College by accessing school records to cancel his friends' detentions, reports Daily Mail.

He also created asn international 'forum' GhostMarket.net, which was a marketplace for stolen bank account details, and offered tutorials in a range of sophisticated hacking techniques.

By the time police arrested Webber and his accomplices, they had got their hands on details of 132,000 bank accounts, representing a potential loss to victims of £18million, said the Daily.

Webber and his 'right-hand-man' Ryan Thomas, 18, lived the 'high life' on the proceeds of the fraud.

After police caught the 'arrogant' pair using a stolen credit card to book a stay in a London hotel, they flew to Majorca and continued to live like millionaires, the paper revealed.

Webber had business cards made up for GhostMarket.net and also owned a T-shirt with the logo 'legendary carder', referring to his activities as a credit card fraudster.

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