Thursday, February 26, 2015

McDonalds restaurant in Pune throws out street child, says such people not allowed

 Pune: Maharashtra government will probe the shocking incident where a homeless child was thrown out of the McDonalds restaurant in Pune.
Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said, "I will get back to you after I enquire into the incident. I don't have all the pertinent information with me yet."
Describing the incident on her Facebook page, a woman Shaheena Attarwala said that she along with some of her friends had gone to the fast food outlet when they met the child. Curiously looking at the Coke floats that she and her friends had bought, the child in sheer innocence asked if he could have some.

Shaheena went inside the restaurant with the child and asked him whether he would want to stand in the line with her to which he agreed. The McDonalds staff, however, was pushed away .
A worker from the restaurant took objection to the street kid being inside the outlet and said that "these kind of people are not allowed inside".
Shaheena said, "I was accompanying the child in the restaurant. One employee came, grabbed the child by the collar and threw him out. An employee told me the restaurant doesn't allow 'such people' entry."
McDonalds issued a statement saying it does not support any form of investigation. "We are investigating internally an issue that has been reported on an incident involving a street child. We wish to affirm that we treasure and respect everyone in equal measure and do not support any form of discrimination."

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