Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boo, becomes the world's cutest airline ambassador

He has nearly five million Facebook fans and his own book deal, so it's no wonder Boo was chosen as the new ambassador for Virgin America.
There is just one difference with this celebrity endorsement. Boo is actually a dog.
The six-year-old Pomeranian - dubbed The Cutest Dog in the World - has become the newest member of Virgin America's executive team, in charge of 'official pet liaison'.
Flying high: Boo, a six-year-old Pomeranian, has become an international star and is now an ambassador fro Virgin America
Checking out check in: Boo looks at the computer systems in place at San Francisco Airport
He has already taken up the challenge, patrolling San Francisco Airport with his dog friend Buddy and meeting and greeting staff.
Boo will be giving pet-friendly travel advice over the next few months as part of his deal with Virgin, but won't give up the day job yet.
He first shot to fame in 2009 with his own Facebook page and YouTube videos. 
His instantly-recognisable 'big hair' and penchant for wearing cute outfits garnered him a huge following.
Now he has more than 4,725,000 'likes' on the social networking site and his own book of photos, entitle 'Boo, the life of the world's cutest dog'.
And we're off: Trotting through the gate, Boo gets ready to board the flight
This is your captain speaking: Boo takes the controls in the cockpit
The £8.99 book features exclusive photographs of Boo 'doing all his favorite things, lounging around, playing with friends, exploring the whole wide world, and making those famous puppy-dog eyes.'
He even has celebrity fans, with reality star Khloe Kardashian posting a picture of him on her blog in 2010 and singer Ke$ha, tweeting that Boo was 'her new boyfriend.'
When the latest airport pictures of Boo were uploaded to his Facebook page, he garnered nearly 5,000 'likes' and 102 comments.
Shirley Kennedy wrote: 'Boo is now a jet setter ;-)!'
And Theresa Bass added: 'BOO You and Buddy are having the time of your lives. Great Job with Virgin america.I love the Photo Shoot you and Buddy took some great shots. LUV YA!!'

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