Saturday, June 9, 2012

Coronation chicken ice-cream, anyone?

When Heston Blumenthal came up with his famous bacon and egg ice-cream, it was far and away the most bizarre flavour around.

But now a Soho gelateria is offering something even stranger - a frozen scoop of coronation chicken.
Chef Jacob Kenedy said he created the unusual flavour of ice-cream as a 'light-hearted' celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
London eatery Gelupo describes the limited-edition gelato - served in a tub or in toasted brioche for a twist on the popular sandwich - as 'perversely delicious'.

It is based on a high-quality, intensely flavoured chicken jus, permeated with mild curry undertones and balanced by the sweetness of marsala soaked sultanas.
The curry taste comes from a mix of turmeric, cumin and cayenne pepper.
'It started out as quite a light-hearted experiment in a recipe development session, but we got really excited when the flavours came together so beautifully,' said Mr Kenedy.

'I said "why don’t we do this?" When I tasted it I couldn’t stop laughing, I didn’t expect it to be so delicious, I thought it would just come out strange.

'As with our pig’s blood sanguinaccio dessert - which is now a bestseller and permanent fixture on our menu - it has to be tasted to be believed but we’re confident it will change people’s perceptions.'
Coronation chicken, which was invented for the Queen’s coronation banquet in 1953, consists of cold chicken, curry cream and raisins in mayonnaise.
Gelupo claim the snack transcends sweet and savoury for the ultimate jubilee-themed dessert.
The 32-year-old, son of an American mother and Hungarian Jewish father, added: 'I don’t have a drop of English blood in me but I’m very proud of our country and the royal family is a very important part of that.

'It’s not the most respectful thing I could have done, but I believe the whole city will come alive and get behind this family that is integral to the nation.'
Whatever will Her Majesty think?

  • The Coronation Chicken gelato will be available in-store at Gelupo and online at for a limited time from 21 May to 25 June. It will also be available at a Gelupo concession in Selfridges from 25 June.

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