Monday, February 20, 2012

Britain's first 'male mother'

A man has become Britain's first male mum despite being born a women and undergoing a sex change.
The man, who is in his thirties, gave birth last year, according to the Beaumont Society transgender support group.

 The Society's Joanna Darrell said the man had approached the group asking for advice about having a baby.
She said: 'We had a general inquiry to the Beaumont Society.
'The society, all it does is provide information and acts as an information hub for people to find data about specific things, and we are able to refer them to more specialist organisations.'
She added: 'We sometimes get people coming back to say thanks for our help. He got back in touch and said he had had the baby.'
Darrell said she had referred the man to the Gender Identity Research and Education Society, is a charity that provides education, based on research into gender identity and intersex issues, to help improve the lives of those affected by the issues.
She said: 'This is probably unique, in the two years that I have been a member of the society this is the only one that I have been able to refer on.'
It is possible for transgender men who were born women, who still have functioning ovaries and a uterus, to become pregnant while still identifying and living as men.

World's first male mum Thomas Beatie - born Tracy Lagondino - pregnant with his first child in 2008

 The man is thought to have had hormone treatment to reactivate his womb, which had not been removed during his original sex change operation.
The baby is believed to have been delivered by caesarean section but it is possible the man retained the ability to give birth naturally.
Darrell told The Sunday Times she believes he is the first British man to have given birth, and added: 'As far as we know there is only him.'

The man is following in the footsteps of American Thomas Beatie, who became the world's first pregnant man in 2007 and has since given birth to three children, Susan, Austin and Jensen.
Beatie, 38, who lives in Arizona with wife Nancy, was born a woman, Tracy Lagondino.
He began having testosterone injections when he was in his twenties, which lowered his voice, gave him facial hair and altered his reproductive organs.
In 2002 he had his breasts removed and legally became a man but kept his vagina, uterus and other female sex organs so he could have children because Nancy had had a hyst*****omy.

 He stopped taking testosterone to become pregnant and the couple bought sperm from an anonymous donor.
Mr Beatie underwent artificial insemination and reportedly gave birth naturally.
Last year Beatie revealed he was planning to have a hyst*****omy after filing for bankruptcy.
Scott Moore, a transgender man, who lives in California with his husband, gave birth in March 2010.
Israeli transgender man Yuval Topper was reported to have given birth on December 28, 2011.

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